Positive Negative Man

Positive Negative Man is an alternative/post-punk/indie trio, from Boston, MA. They formed in 2012.

Mike Feeney: Guitars, Vocals, and Songwriting

Pete Tomilloso: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting

Eric Gibbs: Guitar, Songwriting



Pete moved from Seattle to Boston. He formally played with the Cheats, and Monsters of the Deep.

Mike  also has a soundscape side project; Ancient Pistol, and is a guitar disciple of Roger Miller, of Mission Of Burma.

Eric brings a melodic and catchy accompaniment to Mike's seething guitar noise.



The band is currently mixing their second release; an EP, titled "Positive Negative Man," in Charlestown, Boston, MA, at CRS.

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Jenn Vix.



The new single, "Dummies." ( video is on YouTube, track is on Spotify)